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2 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

[09 Jan 2006|08:33pm]
ok so i havent been on this god damn thing is god knows how long!

but anyways, i dont have time for a long update on shit, so i will do it later!

I feel so bad I'm in love again

here i am...alive at last [23 Mar 2005|10:15pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

alright, so my day went pretty dandy

mom thought i had my counsler meeting at 11, we get in the car and we are almost there, then she turns to me and says " oh shit, your meeting isnt till 2!" so i was like "what the hell" i could have been sleeping! lol...so yea we turned around, i got home and called up joe-c and was like "yo dude, wanna pick me up at win dick me (win dixe) at 3?" and hes all "sure man...see ya then!"...lol yea thats about how the convo went down. so i went to my meeting, then joe-c came and picked me up..we chilled in the parking lot for a little while, and talked to pete. then joe-c called up nick, cuz nick left the cutest little message on his phone...lol...so we went over to matts, hung out there for a little while. matt got a new car. very lovely! now he can drive me around! :)...while we are matt, kile calls joe-c and is like "yo dawg, can you pick me up from work?"...so we drive over to lil' anthonys, pick kile up, then head to josh urban's house. damn man, we woke that kid up, and he looked like straight up HELL!! poor kid...so we sat there for a while, then urban is like " go get money, i will take a shower, then come back" so we did just that. after going back to urbans...we proceded on to where kile needed to go. holy hell dude, i saw beans (darren) and will shedowski (however you spell his name)...been a long damn time since i saw those two kids...then after that...i came home! im so excited...my love matt is coming down on friday!! im oh so excited!! :) well i think this is a long enough update...i will talk to you homies later

1 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

[22 Mar 2005|07:02pm]
[ mood | curious ]

well yea its been a while since i have been on this damn bitch. i dunno, myspace has taken over me, what can i say?

my life has been full of sex, drugs, beer, and rock n roll...yea, not really...no sex for ms.gina the virgin here...drugs are bad *tisk tisk*...beer...havent had a chance to taste the lovely taste of it in a while...but i have had a good dose of my all amerikan rock n roll...

so life has been very boring for me. i got to see matt...which now a days, seeing him is pretty much the only happy time i have. everything is just fucked up and so confussing...but everything seems to be right when i talk to him.

lance is a major asshole, but we have all known that for a long time now, havent we? i dunno, i still love the kid to death, but i am so over his shit. he needs to grow up, and realize that he needs to get a job, and not fuck around. hes 18, soon to be 19...he needs to get life going.

im not in school anymore. i am homeschooling...i guess you can say...i havent started homeschooling yet...so i have just been sitting around doing a lot of nothing.

i got a hair cut, as soon as i get pictures of it, i will be sure to put some on here, cuz im sure all of you lovely people want to know what my hair looks like now a days...right? lol

alright...well i am out for now...


i cant wait till friday! the swil show, and matts birthday...he IS coming down, and im excited...i love that boy! :)

I feel so bad I'm in love again

[15 Feb 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

well sitting here and decided to update so you guys dont think im dead or something, even though i feel as if i am dying.

life has been going alright, i guess...i have been really sick the past two weeks...i havent been to school much and i have been calling into work. i have a feeling that they are going to fire me...but oh well...i really dont care.

i have been hanging out with linzy, kim, and patti a lot lately. it has been fun...its always a party when im hanging out with them.

lance and i werent really talking...but he text me yesterday and wished me happy valentines day...and we just started talking again...then he called me last night and wanted to hang out, but i couldnt cuz i was watching my brother...so he said he would call back..and hey...he did...pretty damn cool, huh?

alright...well im out...i will try to write more...peace out

check out my :myspace: http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=3133119&Mytoken=20050215190608

9 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

[29 Jan 2005|10:15am]
[ mood | chipper ]

alright, so last night was pretty dern fun.

hung out with linzy after school, then we went to the "movies" hehe...yea, we hung out with sean, tim, melanie, justin and trevor....hehehe good times, good times!! i have to work today :/ but i get off at 8 and i believe i might be staying at linzy's house, and we are going to go hang out with justin and trevor tonight! SWEET!! hehe

so i havent talked to lance in a couple days...its been weird between us...i dunno...bleh :/

so im gonna prolly dye my hair purple...well not all of it, but different parts!

ok so i have a mad obsession with From First To Last <333333 they are mad good...and they have a crucial drummer...it is amazing...

alright im out


4 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

[28 Jan 2005|06:51am]
[ mood | creative ]

im fucking back!
im back at my house, and i have my lap top back!

ok so i will update later, i have to go to school now :/


8 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

lance my love...i miss you [06 Jan 2005|01:39pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

so i havent updated in a while, shoot me ok?

im at my dads house,a lot has happend, and i miss lance. thats all i have to say


7 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

dont forget to breathe [12 Dec 2004|11:00am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

well its been a while since i have updated....

i have just been going to school, going to work and hanging out with friends alot. its fun times...excpet i have been going threw major mood swings and its fuckin insane, so im sorry to anyone i was a bitch to, except richard...lol, j/k...i love ya man! :) but yea...

went to the chariot show with mikal, seth, katie, and richard. it was fun, there were some good bands, then there were some bands that made me just wanna vomit...lol...i bought a chariot zip up...i still want my a7x zip up hoodie tho, maybe for x-mas? i dunno...

hopefully going to gwar show on friday...**crosses fingers**

school is almost out for x-mas...i swear, school is going so slow...i hate being there, the place is like a freakn hell hole, i just want to get out! there is so much drama, and gossip and just shit that i dont need. i wish i had the grades to get out of there and go to the community college... argh!!!

alright...well im gonna go rent the movie "troy" so i will hopefully update more later


I feel so bad I'm in love again

kinda pissed.... [01 Dec 2004|08:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well i was supossed to hang out with bryan tonight, but he never called me. kinda makes me upset...i really wanted to hang out :/

other than that, i have been doing nothing all day. i got my oil changed in my car today...so thats good, cuz i really needed it.

well this is one of the shortest updates...


I feel so bad I'm in love again

[01 Dec 2004|02:41pm]
[ mood | cold ]

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4 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

i wish for this, i bitch for that... [30 Nov 2004|02:11pm]
[ mood | sick ]

so yea, im sick...yet again, and it sux! i have a really bad sore throat and my nose is feeling like its gonna bleed...and the headache...omg, its a terrible headache...i just wanna like rip my head off to make the pain go away. :(

i have two tests tomorrow, american history and chemistry...i gotta study for those tonight...i had a quiz in american history, and i got a freakn 65 on it :( and i studied! bleh...then i passed my spanish vocab quiz, which is good! :)

katie is gonna be on the soccer team! im so proud of her! :)

im being the little babysitter today...and it blows cuz im sick! i had to pick up my brothers, then take them up to chick fil a and get them food( i got to see the love of my life, fernando, lol!) then i bought them back home. now im waiting to see if i have to take auston up to cub scouts or not.

i watched dawn of the dead last night with bryan...the movie was cool...a little on the bloody side, but still cool. it didnt really scare me, and i was in the mood to watch somethin scary...but oh well. it was fun hangn out with bryan tho! :)...even tho i was sick :(...eh, oh well...

there was a show tonight at backbooth, it is: casey jones, most precious blood, remembering never, it dies today, dead to fall...i really wanted to go, and logan wanted me to go, but no, i got stuck being little miss babysitter and im sick! :( but next wednesday is the chariot show!!! and im really excited!!!!!!!!! me and katie are gonna go, and i know mikal and seth are going...its going to be badass braahhh! :)

well...gotta get to studying...argh...

ok so i was just reading on the red death's myspace...and get this...they just signed with metal blade records!!!!!!! YAY!!! im so excited...for them! lol...they are fuckn awsome, and i highly suggest you guys check them out, they have a myspace acount and a website...The Red Death. you can also check out metal blade records website!!! COGRATS GUYS! :)

I feel so bad I'm in love again

your just what i needed. [27 Nov 2004|05:11pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

well i got home today from live oak. i didnt want to come home, i was having so much fun up there, and it was very relaxing. lol, i sound like an old person, oh well.

well tonight is the swil show, but my mom said she didnt want me going, that she wants me home tonight since i havent been home in a few days.

i got to drive the Lexus up to my work today to see when i have to work. i love that car, it drives awsome, and it has a cd player! lol...it was fun...i was kinda nervous to begin with, but i got comfy drivn it around.

well my dad is going to a private "party" with pat travers (sp?) and steven tyler next week i believe. its gonna be in miami at the hard rock hotel. he told me hes gonna get steven tyler to call my cell!! :) yay

well im gonna go watch some tv...later

3 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

[26 Nov 2004|09:17am]
[ mood | content ]

well im in live oak right now, and i am having a blast! i love it up here. its a great place to get awaty to. my family up here is amazing, and so nice, i could live with them forever! i love them so much.

well we had a huge thanksgiving. lots and lots and lots of food! good food at that!! :)

today we are going to the mall. shopping day!! yay!! :)

i will be back on saturday and i will probably be hanging out with amber on sunday...but if you would like to talk to me, give me a call on my cell! :) (407 493 0277)


I feel so bad I'm in love again

[24 Nov 2004|05:06pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

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2 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

[24 Nov 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

im going to be leaving tonight for north florida. im really excited, i hate living here, and im glad to be getting away.

i hope all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving! :) think about me tomorrow while your chowing down or doing whatever you do on thanksgiving, cuz i know i will be thinking about all of you! :0)

well last night i went out with my mom and brother, we went to dinner, then we went to see National Treasure, and that was a really good movie, i recomend it for all! :), then afterwards we went to boarders and my mom bought me "Mein Kampf" the book written by Hitler when we was in jail. im excited to read it...now before you guys think "what a freak", i do not support nazism! but if any of you knew anything about me, i LOVE history, and i think this book is going to be a great book, and learn a lot on how Hitler thinks.

im gonna bring my digital camera and my regular camera up to live oak, so you guys will surely see pics!! :)

well i must go pack, and get everything ready.

<X3 gina

5 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

you say you want respect? [21 Nov 2004|03:00pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

twighlight of the idols...Collapse )

I feel so bad I'm in love again

i walk alone... [21 Nov 2004|11:34am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

so yea...

this weekend was such a blur...

i dont know why i let this stuff happen to me. i put my self in situations that i know im gonna get hurt. i dont really know what all to say. i do know that i wish people would tell me certain things. you know...like "yea i have a g/f" but no, people just lead you on. that shit is messed up. cuz your hurting the person you dont tell, and then your hurting your g.f cuz your not staying true to her. right now life seems to be shot...i have all this shit with my step dad...then i met someone, and i thought that it was all good, and it was like a break away from my hectic life...so i was happy...but then i come to find out that i was just being led on(or w/e you wanna say it was), and yet, i dont know why it hurt so much...cuz i barely know this person, and they live so far away. so i guess you can say im back in the same boat...yet again...except this time im hurting more...i dont know, but life just doesnt seem to be going right for me at all...i got all this shit, then i have my own personal problems, family problems...i dont know, i just think its a bunch of bullshit. and i dont need this shit.

well...i have to yet again clean my room...so im gonna go do that.


I feel so bad I'm in love again

life as i know it... [20 Nov 2004|05:57am]
[ mood | creative ]

i dont really know what to say.

found out some shit last night that really fuckn pissed me off.

today is gonna be a long fuckn day.

why do i let this happen to myself??


3 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

a girl in glass [19 Nov 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well school was cool. lol

we had this "food day" in spanish class...and katie and i brought in spanish rice and chicken...that was some good shit! :) chilled with katie

dude...mr.dillon is a rock star braaahhh!!!! lol, hes in a metal band, and he plays bass...hes a kick ass teacher!

well i have to work tonight.

tomorrow shall be quite interesting...gonna chill with katie...

work is really gonna suck tonight. bleh...

alright...im gonna go do something b4 i have to work...catch you homies later!


5 You have to stop I feel so bad I'm in love again

come here...i need to tell you something [18 Nov 2004|05:18pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

so how about i will tell you something...that nobody else knows....


nooo...i dunno...i will give you bastards a really good update later!

FUCK COHEED AND CAMBRIA!!! *stupid gay ass mother fuckers*

i love you guys! :)


I LOVE HIMSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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